Member Benefits & Options

Membership Benefits

Membership in the George Wright Society is open to anyone who shares our goals. We welcome members from anywhere in the world. Benefits include:
    •    Our journal, The George Wright Forum.
    •    Discounts on registration fees for the GWS biennial conferences. Institutional Members can designate up to 3 people to attend the GWS conferences at the discount rate.
    •    Unlimited access to the GWS office for inquiries and requests for assistance. If we don’t know the answer, we can usually point you in the right direction.

The main benefit of membership in the GWS is being part of a like-minded community of professionals who care passionately about the scientific and heritage values of parks, protected areas, and cultural sites.


Membership Options

Membership / Subscription Options
    •    Regular Membership for Individuals: US$60 for the calendar year.  Two-year Regular Memberships are available at a substantial discount: $100 for two years.
    •    Institutional Membership: US$115 for the calendar year.
    •    Supporting Member: US$150 for the calendar year.
    •    Patron: US$500 (and up) for the calendar year.
    •    Student Membership: US$25 for the calendar year. (Full-time students only.)
    •    Life Membership: US$1,000.
    •    Sustaining Life Membership: Life Membership + US$60 per year. Open to all current and newly joining Life Members.
    •    Library Subscription: US$60 for the calendar year. (Subscription to The George Wright Forum with no additional membership benefits. Available to libraries only.)

Except for Student members, you can choose to receive The George Wright Forum in hard copy, digitally (in PDF format), or both.  Student memberships come with a digital subscription to the Forum only.

Memberships run with the calendar year. New members joining during the last quarter of the year are enrolled as members through the following year at no extra charge.

If you live outside the USA, Canada, or Mexico, and choose to receive The George Wright Forum in hard copy, a US$15 mailing surcharge is added to all Regular, Institutional, and Sustaining Life Memberships, and to all Library Subscriptions. 


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