Virgin Islands NP likely to be closed for 6–12 months, USNPS official says; Christensted NHS escapes with little damage

Damage inflicted by the one-two punch of Hurricanes Irma and Maria could keep Virgin Islands National Park virtually closed for six months to a year, according to the National Park Service's Caribbean superintendent. When the five other parks in the Caribbean reopen depends largely on when the islands' power grids are restored and fuel becomes available, he added.

“I now consider ourselves progressing," Randy Lavasseur said Wednesday during a spotty cell phone conversation from his post in Puerto Rico. "Before we were still playing catchup. We’re progressing now. We’re actually starting to accomplish work, finding out how our new normal is. It’s a feel good, definitely, the last couple of days. This is what really made my heart warm: last night I learned we have 100 percent accountability of all of our staff members throughout the Caribbean. Not just government employees. We also have 100 percent accountability on all of our concessions.”

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