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The Current Issue (May 2018)

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Cover, vol. 35 no. 1


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A Note from Our Executive Director
Jennifer Palmer

Letter from Woodstock
Requiem for an Advisory Board
Rolf Diamant

On the Path to Understanding:
125 Years of Social Science Research in America’s National Parks

James H. Gramann, guest editor

Charting a Path: A Critical History of Social Science in America’s National Parks
James H. Gramann

The Need for a Comprehensive Socioeconomic Research Program
for the National Park Service

David Pettebone and Bret Meldrum

Overview of the Interagency Visitor Use Management Framework
and the Uses of Social Science in its Implementation in the National Park Service

Kerri Cahill, Rachel Collins, Susan McPartland, Aleksandra Pitt, and Rose Verbos

For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People:
An Exploration of the Economic Benefits of National Parks

Leslie Richardson, Lynne Koontz, and Bruce Peacock

Applied Anthropology in the National Park Service’s Second Century of Stewardship
Jennifer Talken-Spaulding and Joe Watkins

Park Break: Engaging Students in Social Science to Inform Decision-making in Parks
Ryan L. Sharp, Aleksandra Pitt, and Rose Verbos

People of Color and Their Constraints to National Parks Visitation
David Scott and KangJae Jerry Lee

Yellowstone’s Howard Eaton Trail as Management Tool and Cultural Artifact
Judith L. Meyer

Local Communities, CBOs/Trusts, and People–Park Relationships:
A Case Study of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana

Naomi Moswete and Brijesh Thapa

Solutions to Coastal Flooding: Can National Parks Turn the Tide?
Cliff McCreedy