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Dig in New York capital city reveals evidence of Underground Railroad

Archaeologists love trash. From the garbage heaps of centuries past comes evidence of lives lived, meals eaten, heirlooms cracked and lost.

Venezuela: Unheard and unseen for 60 years, rare bird rediscovered in El Tamá NP

In a remote forest in western Venezuela, scientists have rediscovered a bird that was last seen more than 60 years ago.

The plump, brown Táchira antpitta (Grallaria chthonia) was first recorded during an expedition in the mid-1950s, during which ornithologists collected four specimens of the bird.

Feature: Way Kambas NP, home to critically endangered rhinos, looks to partner with residents to suppress deadly forest fires

Conservationists in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island are working with local residents to combat forest fires, aiming to transform communities near Way Kambas National Park into forest protectors, rather than threats to the ecosystem.

Zinke in New Mexico to look over Organ Mountains Desert Peaks NMon, which area's GOP rep wants to slash by nearly 90%

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is scheduled to arrive in New Mexico Thursday morning as part of two days of meetings and sightseeing ahead of his decision on whether to shrink the state’s two national monuments or leave them as they are.

Near Yellowstone NP, company gets OK to explore for gold

State environmental officials OK’d a Canadian mining company’s gold hunt in a gulch north of Yellowstone National Park.

Australia: Government to build EV-friendly superhighway along fringes of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia is building a superhighway offering free charging stations in a bid to boost use of electric vehicles, the northeastern state of Queensland said on Thursday, most of its route fringed by the Great Barrier Reef tourist attraction.

The move comes as governments around the world regulate to cut emissions by boosting the use of electric vehicles.

As part of lawsuit over proposed power line near Jamestown, NPCA asks for preliminary injunction to stop work

The National Parks Conservation Association is seeking an injunction to prevent construction from commencing on a power transmission line that would cross the James River near Historic Jamestowne and other units of the National Park System before the group's legal challenge to the project is heard.

Conservationists cheer preparatory committee's call for UN treaty to protect biodivrsity in high seas

The fourth and final meeting of a United Nations Preparatory Committee ended last week with a recommendation that the UN General Assembly convene treaty negotiations aimed at protecting the high seas.

Closed by mudslide in 2010, once-popular trail in Zion NP to be restored, reopened thanks to philanthropic grant

A once-popular trail destroyed by mudslides in 2010 at Zion National Park will be restored and reopened, thanks to a $1 million donation from a charitable foundation.

The Middle Emerald Pools Trail has been closed since December 2010, when it was heavily damaged by rains that washed large rocks and dirt across the path 16o miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Belize: Some tourism business owners call for greater protections for mangroves

SAN PEDRO, Belize – Walking the shore of San Pedro provides a solid picture of the tension between natural resources and the economy in this, the top tourist town in coastal Belize.

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