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Philippines: Senate unanimously approves bringing 92 PAs under new national legislation

The Senate on Monday approved a bill that expanded the number of protected areas in the country.

Senate Bill No. 1444, or the “Expanded NIPAS Act of 2017” was approved on third and final hearing with 22 affirmative votes, zero negative vote, and zero abstention.

Editorial: Environmentalism needs to go back to fundamentals — protecting the wild

Most of us find it easier to imagine a world without pine martens, honeybees, otters and wolves than one without social media, lattes, cheap flights and dishwashers.

Colombia: High court grants rights to polluted Atrato River; orders cleanup

CHOCÓ, Colombia – Rivers, forests and its inhabitants are inseparably connected in Colombia’s Chocó department on the country’s northwest coast. The gravity of the contamination that has begun to affect the well-being of the whole aquatic ecosystem and adjacent riverine communities recently got the attention of Colombia’s higher judicial powers.

Guatemala: Government destroys recently discovered illegal landing strip in Laguna del Tigre NP

The spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Julia Barrera, told Plaza Pública and Mongabay Latam on Monday (15th of May) that a secret runway had been found in the area and that the prosecutor was inspecting it. The investigation found that the strip – 8 meters wide by 250 meters long – wasn’t active.

India: Sex ratio-imbalance threatens viability of Gorumara NP's rhino population

WEST BENGAL, India — Nibbling at tender grasses, with its grey-brown skin partially camouflaged by the sandy river bed, a solitary rhinoceros slowly ambled along barely three feet away from us. Though it was not easy to discern the animal’s sex with certainty, our forest guide guessed it was probably a female.

Feature: Managing snow leopards in China's soon-to-be first NP

SANJIANGYUAN, China — Late at night on March 15, a snow leopard secretly entered the sheepfold of a Tibetan household in a remote pastureland in China’s western Qinghai province, killing one sheep. Local Tibetan nomads captured the cat and sent it back up into the surrounding mountains.

Olympic NP to install bilingual English/Klallam entrance sign

OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK — Can you speak Klallam?

If not, Olympic National Park is erecting entrance signs that translate a Klallam phrase into “welcome.”

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Alaska House votes for no-trapping zone for wolves in areas next to Denali NP&Pres

JUNEAU — The state Legislature opened a new front this week in a long-running war between supporters and opponents of wolf trapping near Denali National Park and Preserve — with sportsman's advocates on one side and proponents of tourism and conservation on the other.

Huge burial stone latest piece of complicated archaeological puzzle at Historic Jamestown

Six months after launching a painstaking probe aimed at English America’s second-oldest church, Jamestown archaeologists have unearthed a jumbled historical puzzle that reaches back 400 years.

Legal scholars' new paper says Trump has no authority to rescind NMons

WASHINGTON — Nothing gives U.S. presidents the authority to abolish, shrink or otherwise weaken national monuments, four legal scholars have concluded in a new analysis.

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