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Proposal resurfaces for underground parking facility beneath National Mall

Is it time to seriously — again — explore underground parking on the National Mall?

The National Mall Coalition, which has advocated for an underground parking option for many years, thinks so, and it is asking the D.C. Council for help.

In public comment exercise, over 14,000 people call for halt to industrial hog farm in watershed of Buffalo National River

The state of Arkansas is accepting through April 6 public comments regarding a new permit for an industrial hog farm located upstream of Buffalo National River.

Poland: Demonstrators charged with desecration after bizarre pro-peace ceremony at Auschwitz WH site gate

WARSAW — Eleven people who slaughtered a sheep, stripped naked and chained themselves together outside the gates of Auschwitz last week were pacifists trying to send an antiwar message, not neo-Nazi extremists, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Enviros sue under ESA to stop proposed copper mine near Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Environmentalists have filed another lawsuit seeking to prevent the U.S. Forest Service from swapping land for the planned PolyMet copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota.

PolyMet needs the land for its mine near Babbitt. The deal calls for trading 6,650 acres of federal land for a similar amount of private land.

Rangers investigating theft of fossilized footprints from Death Valley NP

The National Park Service is seeking help from the public to solve the recent theft of fossilized animal tracks from Death Valley National Park.

The theft was reported to the park by scientists after a recent visit to the site where birds and mammals left footprints in a muddy lake shore as many as 5 million years ago.

Scotland: One man's plans to reintroduce wolves to private PA sparks vigorous debate over rewilding

LOOK over there, says Paul Lister. Look at the grass and the heather and the hills. He asks me what I make of it all. It’s beautiful, I tell him. I’ve been coming to this part of the Highlands since I was a child and I love it. It’s stunning. Cold and rainy today, naturally, but stunning.

Thailand: Remote cameras confirm second breeding population of rare tiger subspecies

Images of Indochinese tigers and cubs captured on camera in Thailand's eastern jungle have confirmed the existence of the world's second breeding population of the critically endangered animals, wildlife conservationists said on Wednesday.

El Salvador: Community stewards of protected forest vote to ban mining

CINQUERA, El Salvador – It’s not far from town, but in the middle of the dry season, it’s a hot and dusty walk to the Cinquera Forest Ecological Park in northern El Salvador. Villagers in and around Cinquera took it upon themselves to protect the forest following the country’s 12-year armed conflict.

Biologists at Mammoth Cave NP hope to restore bat populations using high-tech software

There's a bat!" geologist Rachel Bosch, one of the three guides leading me through the bowels of Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park, shouted excitedly.

It's always a good day when you spot a bat in Mammoth Cave.

Peru: Intense flooding threatens dozens of important archaeological sites

Extreme floods wreaking havoc in Peru are also threatening the South American country's rich archeological heritage and the tourism that thrives on it, a Peruvian archaeologist said on Tuesday.

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