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Scientist: To help curb poaching, we must stop publicizing locations of targeted species

You can find just about anything through a quick internet search—and it turns out that’s true even for poachers. Wild animal hunters are now using online scientific literature to locate rare and new species. That, two scientists warn in a recent essay, could create serious problems.

Yellowstone-area population of grizzlies to lose ESA protections; paves way for hunting outside NP

HELENA, Mont. — After 42 years on the Endangered Species list, the Yellowstone grizzly bear — whose numbers have grown to more than 700 from fewer than 150 — will lose its protected status, the Interior Department announced on Thursday.

"If we stopped poaching tomorrow, elephants would still be in trouble," experts say; human–wildlife conflicts, loss of habitat still big problems

It is the dead of night. The day’s red-dust heat has given way to a cooling breeze. A hundred frogs chirp urgently. Tim and his crew are preparing for another stealth raid. Their mission is highly dangerous and now there’s a new threat: armed men are following them.

Indonesia: Government delays starting restoration of ship-damaged coral reef while it negotiates with insurance company

JAKARTA — The Indonesian government can’t restore one of the country’s best coral reefs until it strikes a compensation deal with the insurer of the cruise line that wrecked it, the deputy coordinating maritime minister said this week.

India: Official data on habitat loss in Karnataka PAs underreports damage, study finds

BENGALURU: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India’s report on national parks and wildlife sanctuaries has raised concerns on the depletion of green space in the protected reserves of the state.

Feature: The roots of the Antiquities Act are in the ancient cultural landscape of Bears Ears NMon

BLUFF, Utah— The first national monument approved by President Theodore Roosevelt after the passage of the 1906 Antiquities Act was Wyoming’s Devils Tower — made famous to a generation of 1970s moviegoers by Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Colombia: Last stretch of transcontinental highway would pass between 2 NPs, already spurring illegal land clearing

Planned since the 1950s, the Marginal de la Selva is a $1 billion highway project that would create a paved land passage through the Andean foothills in Colombia’s Amazon region.

County board agrees to delay rezoning request inside Cumberland Island NS, cheering neviros

A last-minute request from the National Park Service has postponed a controversial decision on rezoning private property within Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Shenandoah NP seeks comment on documenting removal of historic buildings at Big Meadows

After concluding that the removal of five structures from the Big Meadows area of Shenandoah National Park will have an adverse effect on a historic district, the park is taking input on a memorandum of agreement that requires the buildings to be documented and photographed before removal.

Over 20 US NPs preparing for influx of skygazers during first-in-a-century total solar eclipse in August

On Aug. 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the continental U.S. and briefly cast a shadow over 21 of the nation's national parks.

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