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Enviros sue under ESA to stop proposed copper mine near Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Environmentalists have filed another lawsuit seeking to prevent the U.S. Forest Service from swapping land for the planned PolyMet copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota.

PolyMet needs the land for its mine near Babbitt. The deal calls for trading 6,650 acres of federal land for a similar amount of private land.

Italy: Archaeologists discover 38 remains in what they think is long-lost Roman-era Jewish cemetery

ROME — Excavations that unearth some artifact or another are common enough in Rome, but archaeologists monitoring a building restoration were taken aback when they found 38 well-preserved skeletons that they believe were once buried in the long-vanished Campus Iudeorum, or Field of the Jews.

Rangers investigating theft of fossilized footprints from Death Valley NP

The National Park Service is seeking help from the public to solve the recent theft of fossilized animal tracks from Death Valley National Park.

The theft was reported to the park by scientists after a recent visit to the site where birds and mammals left footprints in a muddy lake shore as many as 5 million years ago.

Scotland: One man's plans to reintroduce wolves to private PA sparks vigorous debate over rewilding

LOOK over there, says Paul Lister. Look at the grass and the heather and the hills. He asks me what I make of it all. It’s beautiful, I tell him. I’ve been coming to this part of the Highlands since I was a child and I love it. It’s stunning. Cold and rainy today, naturally, but stunning.

Ecuador: New PA, Pastaza Ecological Area of Sustainable Development, created in Amazon

After three years of working with local governments and indigenous communities, the Provincial Council of Pastaza established the Pastaza Ecological Area of Sustainable Development in the center of the Ecuadorian Amazon region. The area covers more than 2.5 million hectares (about 6.2 million acres) and occupies about 90 percent of the area of ​​the province of the same name.

Cabada: House committee asks for surge in PA & MPA creation to meet Aichi Target 11 in CBD

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development Friday presented a unanimous report calling on the federal government to lead an effort to rapidly establish more terrestrial and marine protected areas to safeguard biodiversity and Canada’s natural heritage.

Belize: Chiquibul NP official says park still beset by poachers from Guatamala

By BBN Staff: This morning in a televised interview, Raphael Manzanero, Executive Director for Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) stated that the Chiquibul National Park continues to be exploited by Guatemalans.

Editorial: President has authority to revoke or reduce NMons

President Obama broke the record for the number of national monument proclamations he issued and the millions of acres of public lands he locked up for such monuments.

Nicaragua: BR of Southeast Nicaragua being degraded by cattle ranching

SOUTHEAST BIOSPHERE RESERVE, Nicaragua – The Biosphere Reserve of Southeast Nicaragua is bigger than countries like Qatar or Jamaica and shelters 526 species of birds—more species than can be found in Europe. Although it is said to be the kingdom of the jaguar (Panthera onca), cows appear to be more common nowadays.

Brazil: Enviros say agribusiness, land speculators leading assault on PAs

Novo Progresso is a frontier town in northwest Pará state. “Here we don’t have robberies,” a cabby told us proudly on arrival. “Here everyone is armed.” The weapons are often concealed but, indeed, most locals are packing guns, a reality representative of the region’s long history of violence and lawlessness.

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