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Olympic NP gateway town, USNPS locked in legal battle over water treatment plant

PORT ANGELES — The Port Angeles City Council has set the stage for filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the National Park Service.

It’s part of a growing impasse related to the historic removal of the Elwha River dams.

Editorial: Plans to tell story of evictions at Shenandoah NP are to be commended

MOST visitors see most of Shenandoah National Park, one of the country’s great treasures, from behind the windshield of a car.

Isle Royale NP lighthouse in line for rehabilitation

The Rock of Ages Lighthouse has greeted visitors approaching Isle Royale National Park since 1908, but it's been nearly 40 years since a lightkeeper cared for it.

Analysis: Global poaching network thrives so long as rhino horn worth more than gold

On the black market it is reputedly worth more than its weight in gold or cocaine, and earlier this month the lure of rhino horn brought the bloody business of poaching to a zoo near Paris. There, in the dead of night, criminals broke in, shot a white rhino called Vince three times in the head and then hacked off its eight-inch horn with a chainsaw.

Australia: New funding package includes A$15M for Indigenous PAs

A $100m funding package to Landcare will include $15m for new Indigenous protected areas, raising hopes of further federal support for the environmental policy and its related Indigenous ranger program.

Nevada state assembly resolution backs Basin and Range, Gold Butte NMons

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Assembly on Thursday introduced a resolution of support for the national monument designations that Gold Butte and the Basin and Range areas have.

President Barack Obama declared both areas as national monuments. Gold Butte National Monument is about 300,000 acres in rural Clark County, an area with rock formations and Native American artifacts.

Feature: Among the big trees in Sequoia NP

The trees are so big that it would be cowardly not to deal with their bigness head on. They are very, very big. You already knew this — they’re called “giant sequoias” — and I knew it, too. But in person, their bigness still feels unexpected, revelatory.

Democratic public lands supporter says popular opinion still can carry the day in political fights

"Starve the beast," a phrase fashionable with fiscally conservative politicians dating to the mid-1980s, has returned in full force to Congress, where U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva worries about how national parks and public lands in general will fare if Republicans aren't checked.

Student, journalists use emails to tell behind-the-scenes story of USNPS contretemps over Trump inauguration size

The incoming Trump administration was “not jazzed” when the National Park Service retweeted information critical about the president during his inauguration, according to internal emails obtained by BuzzFeed News, and initially ordered the agency to not tweet that entire weekend.

South Africa: Enviros protest after government approves coal mine in Mabola PA

A South African court ruling this month put the brakes on the approval of a coal station in the northern Limpopo province, marking a victory for environmental justice organization Earthlife Africa, who argued that the coal station had not undergone the required climate change impact assessments.

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