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Feature: High-resolution satellite imagery is remaking conservation science

As recently as the 1980s, gray seals were effectively extinct on Cape Cod. So when researchers announced last week that the population there has recovered not to 15,000 gray seals, the previous official estimate, but to as many as 50,000, it was dramatic evidence of how quickly conservation can sometimes work.

Poland: PM calls on UNESCO to reclassify Białowieża forest's WH status to allow logging to continue

Poland’s environment minister, Jan Szyszko, whom green activists have criticised for allowing large-scale logging in the ancient Białowieża forest, has called for the woodland to be stripped of Unesco’s natural heritage status, banning human intervention.

As Congress dallies on adequate funding, nonprofit aims to raise $3M for basic services at Zion NP, Cedar Breaks & Pipe Spring NMons

Between 200 to 300 natural springs are scattered and hidden around Zion Canyon, sustaining a lush environment and wildlife, including the Zion snail, found nowhere else. Even though millions visit every year, the locations and even the exact number of the springs are unknown.

A single new cat could bolster mountain lion genetic pool at Santa Monica Mountains NRA, other PAs of SoCal

So poor is the genetic diversity of mountain lions in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and surrounding areas of California that a single new cat to the area could have a great impact, according to wildlife biologists.

Homestead NMon of America to get tractor used by last official homesteader

BEATRICE – Thanks to a major financial contribution, Homestead National Monument officials are retrieving an old tractor from Alaska, used by the nation’s last homesteader under the Homestead Act of 1862.

Dr. C.T. Frerichs made a major financial contribution in the memory of his wife, Julia Frerichs, to rescue the tractor from the Alaska wilderness.

Colorado senator: Canyon of the Ancients NMon will not be eliminated by Trump review

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner's office even provided a video clip of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke confirming for Gardner in a committee hearing Tuesday what Gov. John Hickenlooper had concluded earlier this year: that Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in Southwest Colorado isn't going to lose its designation.

Norway to Brazil: Reverse deforestation trend in Amazon or else risk losing protection funding

Norway has warned Brazil that funds to help protect the Amazon rainforest under a billion-dollar program are in jeopardy because more forests are being destroyed, a Norwegian government letter showed on Wednesday.

Iraq: Islamist militants said to destroy historic al-Nuri grand mosque and leaning minaret, one of country's cultural treasures

BAGHDAD — The Islamic State on Wednesday night destroyed Mosul’s centuries-old al-Nuri Grand Mosque and its distinctive leaning minaret, one of Iraq’s most famous landmarks, according to an Iraqi military statement.

"This is what a balanced budget looks like": In hearing, Zinke defends proposal for thousands of job cuts at DOI, EPA

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Tuesday defended the $1.6 billion in funding cuts that President Trump has proposed for his department, telling a Senate hearing that “this is

Conservation group launches campaign to drum up support for public lands, Antiquities Act

On the heels of Interior Secretary Zinke’s recommendation to remove protections for Bears Ears National Monument in what may just be a preview of the Trump administration’s coming assault on our national parks and monuments, the League of Conservation Voters today launched the new “Our Lands, Our Vote” campaign to engage and mobilize community leaders, activists, public official

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