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Dem lawmakers threaten suit if recently erected Lee statue at Antietam NB not taken down

Amid the national firestorm over Civil War monuments, Maryland lawmakers are pressing the National Park Service to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee that some view as an egregious attempt to sanitize Confederate history.

Speculation picks up that Mihalic to be named next USNPS director

Seven months into his administration, President Trump has yet to nominate a director for the National Park Service. But Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke does have an advisor on his team with a wealth of Park Service experience, one whose background has been investigated, leading to speculation that that individual soon will be nominated.

More communications equipment proposed for infrastructure site on mountain in Death Valley NP

DEATH VALLEY, CA – The National Park Service is considering right-of-way permit requests for existing and proposed infrastructure on Rogers Peak.

The summit of Rogers Peak is 9,980 feet, and is the only non-wilderness high point in Death Valley National Park. Rogers Peak is located between Telescope Peak and Mahogany Flat Campground in the Panamint Mountains.

Cascade-Siskiyou NMon "in crosshairs" as decision day closes in

Dave Willis, a grizzled woodsman and backcountry outfitter, has spent decades laboring to protect the mountains of southwestern Oregon, one of the most beautiful, biodiverse regions in the country.

Through grassroots activism, Willis and his conservationist allies have won the support of two US presidents.

South Africa: Court allows online auction of nonlethally harvested rhino horns from private herd; conservationists worried about possible illegal exports

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A South African court on Sunday ordered the government to allow the owner of the world's biggest private rhino herd to hold an online sale of rhino horn, which he aims to hold this week, his lawyer said.

John Hume has about 1,500 rhinos on his sprawling farm southeast of Johannesburg, where he breeds the animals.

Some ask whether new DOI appointee, formerly a lobbyist for Nestlé, had a hand in overturning NP disposable water bottle sales ban

The Trump administration has ended a six-year-old ban on selling bottled water at some national parks that was aimed at easing plastic pollution and the huge amount of waste being recycled.

Brazil: Indigenous people win 2 important land rights cases at Supreme Court

Brazil’s Supreme Court made two key decisions that strongly favored the country’s indigenous communities Wednesday, rulings that appear to refute the current administration’s recent attempt to link all indigenous land claims to an arbitrary 1988 occupation date, rather than to a long history of documented occupation, as required by Brazil’s Constitution.

Analysis: Confederate monuments, national monuments ... which does Trump value?

On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump announced his unequivocal support for preserving statues of Confederate generals and leaders, moving a step past his previous statements that the fate of the statues should be left to cities and states.

Editorial: As the last of America's WWII heroes near the end, some reflect on neo-Nazi support for Confederate monuments

Before they die, before they disappear into the opaque mist of history, the last Americans to fight Nazi Germany have to face one more blast of something they thought they’d eliminated in the bloodiest war of all time.

Chattahoochee NRA considers dismantling part of old bridge after recent drownings

In the past two weeks two young men have died jumping off the bridge at Settles Bridge Park and into the Chattahoochee River.

Now the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park Service, is talking to the State Preservation Office about partially dismantling the bridge to keep people off of it.

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