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Australia: Even veteran scientists shocked at tons of plastic trash on beaches at Henderson Island WH site

Henderson Island ought to be one of the most pristine places on earth: an uninhabited South Pacific atoll so remote that the nearest human settlement is the small island 120 miles away where the Bounty mutineers hid out.

With drought leaving Lakes Mead and Powell half-empty, enviros renew criticism of the 2 big dams on the Colorado River

LEE’S FERRY, Ariz. – Tens of thousands of rafters paddle down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park each year, though most don’t scan the Redwall Limestone canyon sides for bore holes around River Mile 39.

In interview, Zinke gives broad-brush picture of plans for DOI

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke said he watched President Trump transform right before his eyes.

"I was with the president when Chief Owens came home to Dover. What I saw was a changed commander in chief," he said.

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First State NHP needs to be split in two, give better name

Until March of 2013, Delaware was the only state to not have a unit of the National Park Service. President Obama remedied that by using the Antiquities Act to create “The First State National Monument” consisting of nine separate entities at various sites in Delaware, stretching from the Ryves Holt House in Lewes, to Beaver Valley on the Pennsylvania border.

High mortality of tortoises in Joshua Tree NP may be due to "evolutionary gamble" in response to drought

Wildlife biologists say an alarming number of female desert tortoise carcasses found earlier this year just outside the southern edge of Joshua Tree National Park may be the result of mothers fighting extinction by exhausting their water and energy to lay eggs, even under stress.

Proponents want to see cluster of grain elevators in Buffalo added to NP system

Buffalo's canyon of grain elevators is colossal. They are seemingly impenetrable. And there are a lot of them.

In their heyday, the silos stored millions of bushels of grain inside more than 30 grain elevators. Today, 15 still remain, though just a handful are used.

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California advisory group pushes back on DOI meeting moratorium

A biannual meeting of California scientists and natural resource managers slated for late May has been officially cancelled after a Department of Interior memo was issued last week prohibiting all of the agency-led committees from meeting this summer.

Editorial: National Trust should have looked at Dallas hotel's shady background before naming it to success-story list

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a privately-funded nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. The group chose their list from nearly 300 sites to highlight 11 once-endangered sites now thriving and contributing to their communities, including the Statler Hilton Hotel in downtown Dallas.

Silos & Smokestacks NHA ponders possible loss of federal funding

WATERLOO — The Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area has been federally funded for 20 years.

Organizers hope that funding continues, but say it and other “natural heritage areas” may be facing their strongest test yet in that regard.

Brazil: São Paulo state environment chief's PA decisions continue to alarm conservationists

SÃO PAULO – In the Brazilian state of São Paulo, the relationship between the Environment Secretariat and environmentalists has proved to be tense and problematic. Just a few months after taking office last July, the secretariat’s new leader Ricardo Salles made the controversial decision to turn over the management of 25 state parks to private companies.

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