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California assembly approves $3M park bond measure for 2018 ballot; state senate concurrence needed

SACRAMENTO (AP) — The California Assembly narrowly voted Monday to put a measure seeking $3 billion in bonds for parks on the 2018 ballot.

The bill, AB18, required a two-thirds majority and passed with no votes to spare. It now moves to the Senate, where it will also require two-thirds approval.

Editorial: Loosening intertidal gathering regulations in Acadia NP would degrade the park

Many Americans have just participated in celebrating 100 years of success in protecting and enjoying Acadia National Park and the National Park System. So it is disconcerting to see momentum behind a new law to end Acadia’s jurisdiction over its intertidal lands.

Scientists: Fish evolve quickly to take advantage of MPAs

Fish can quickly evolve to get more benefit from the protection offered by marine protected areas, according to research from the University of B.C.

Over 2000 new houses planned adjacent to Sand to Snow NMon

A prospective residential development in Desert Hot Springs, first proposed in 2007, is generating controversy, splitting the city between those who feel increasing density could threaten the natural environment surrounding the city and those who feel such projects could help promote the city and its natural features.

Company set to begin controversial O&G exploration within Big Cypress NPres

Barring a last-minute court ruling, an oil exploration company could begin surveying for oil and gas reserves below Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida next Monday.

Editorial: Drone pilots who knowingly fly in NPs are hurting future prospects for commercial industry

The National Park Service in the United States is one of the few organizations to have made clear policies regarding the use of drones, or small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) on their property. Yet some people continue to ignore these rules, and it’s only going to make things harder for the rest of us if this trend continues.

Botanists discover rare flower, white mallow, growing in Channel Islands NP

With the Channel Islands in full bloom, biologists recently discovered a rare find at a remote spot in the national park off the Ventura coast.

They spotted white mallow, a plant with small, delicate flowers, growing in five separate locations on the Santa Barbara Island, about 50 miles off Ventura.

Reward out for perpetrators of serious vandalism damage to West Virginia historic house

Rewards of up to $1,000 are available from the National Park Service for those who provide information leading to an arrest in the vandalism of a 117-year-old former boarding house in the Thurmond Historic District featured in John Sayle’s 1987 movie “Matewan.”

Native Americans prepare to fight to protect Bears Ears NMon proclamation

When word came down on Dec. 28 that President Barack Obama had created a 1.35 million-acre national monument called Bears Ears, Jonah Yellowman celebrated. So did leaders of his Navajo people and other tribes that rarely have much to cheer about, such as the Hopi, Ute and Zuni.

Australia: Scientists gear up to monitor second consecutive year of bleaching in Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Coral researchers are remobilizing to conduct aerial and underwater surveys along the Great Barrier Reef and elsewhere in Australia as coral bleaching reappears for the second year in a row. The decision coincides with the release of a study in the journal Nature warning the Reef's resilience is rapidly waning.

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