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Editorial: USNPS needs to heeds words of Montana GOP representative and fix hostile workplace

Montana Sen. Steve Daines led a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday that was looking into workplace problems within the National Park Systems.

This is a brave step for a Senator whose state has two of the best known national parks, Yellowstone and Glacier.

USNPS wants more time to negotiate changes to request to rezone private land within Cumberland Island NS

WOODBINE — The National Park Service has asked the Camden County Commission to delay the proposed rezoning of about 1,000 acres of private property on Cumberland Island National Seashore.

DR Congo: Programs help women provide alternatives to bushmeat hunting in Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve, Kahuzi-Biega NP

Ongoing violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has taken a heavy toll on the country’s women. Shocking levels of sexual violence have given the country a label as the “most dangerous place to be a woman”.

Civil strife, along with bushmeat hunting and human encroachment, also threatens its wildlife – especially gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees.

Indonesia: Facing influx of migrants, clan leaders call on government to do better job of protecting sacred Cyclops Mountains

JAYAPURA, Indonesia — When Amos Ondikeleuw became a clan leader, he vowed to never give up his community’s land at the foot of the Cyclops Mountains to the migrants flooding in from elsewhere in Papua, whom he saw as callous toward the environment.

Plans to redevelop lakefront pavilion at Indiana Dunes SP pits well-connected financier against enviros

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A Republican Party official with a lucrative privatization deal to redevelop an aging pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park plans to forge ahead with the project, which was in limbo amid numerous setbacks, and hopes to break groun

Film historians explore past of Paramount Ranch, set of famous Westerns, in Santa Monica Mountains NRA

The National Park Service celebrated Paramount Ranch’s 90th birthday with a look back on nearly a century of film history at the storied studio ranch, where scenes from hundreds of movies and TV series have been filmed.

Study cautions that exclusive focus on carbon sequestration in REDD+ will not always help protect biodiversity too

Tropical forests are home to more than 50 percent of terrestrial biodiversity, and they also play a globally important role in storing and sequestering carbon. Forest conservation can therefore help address two of the most urgent challenges facing the world today: stemming biodiversity loss and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Opponents of new NMons heartened by Zinke's recommendation to downsize Bears Ears

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's recommendation to downsize a vast new national monument in Utah created optimism among opponents of 26 other monuments under review around the country and fear among conservation groups that worry he will propose shrinking or rescinding other sites in his final report due in late August.

Japan: Rewilding forests seen as key to revival of golden eagle populations

Although Japan is heavily wooded, many forests are monoculture tree plantations that harbor scant biodiversity.

Now, efforts are underway to return these woodlands to a more natural state in hopes of bringing back golden eagles and other wildlife.

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Zinke recommends scaling back Bear Ears NMon; final decision rests with Trump, but if he agrees enviros will sue

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has recommended President Trump “revise the existing boundaries” of the Bears Ears National Historic Monument and call on Congress to dictate the terms of how parts of the area should be managed.

Native American and environmental groups immediately threatened to sue should Trump follow the recommendation.

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