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Mountain lions in Santa Monica Mountains NRA may get help crossing busy California highway

Help may be on the way for an at-risk population of mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains, as the California Department of Transportation intends to move forward with building a wildlife crossing over busy Highway 101, which could both help reduce the number of animals struck and killed by vehicles in addition to increasing the genetic diversity of the pumas by bringing new big cats into

Public lands defenders alarmed at number of O&G leases being offered near NPs

You know that a proposed oil and gas lease is really, truly an awful idea when even Governor Gary Herbert, Utah’s normally pro-fossil fuel development leader, is against it.

Scientists wonder if Irma damage will set back Everglades restoration efforts

For two decades Steve Davis has made it his life’s work to save the Florida Everglades.

Editorial: Brazilian president's decision to open PA to gold mining is a fool's errand

CONCORD, Calif. — Brazil’s interim president, Michel Temer, is willing to sacrifice millions of acres of rain forest in pursuit of a 16th-century boondoggle: fortunes of gold in the Amazon.

Conservationists react with anger, dismay at leaked Zinke NMon memo

Various conservation groups were expressing outrage over a draft report outlining Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's recommendations to President Trump on ten national monuments he thinks should be modified, either through boundary changes or to allow resource extraction.

Indonesia: Ignoring ban, oil palm plantation companies still clearing land in protected Leuser ecosystem

Oil palm plantation companies are still eating away at the Leuser Ecosystem, one of Indonesia’s last best rainforests, despite a provincial ban on forest clearance to make way for the lucrative estates.

State of Utah's prescription for Bears Ears NMon? Cut it by 90%

If maps Utah has submitted to the Interior Department are a guide, Bears Ears National Monument will be drastically cut in size.  

Australia: Bat species endemic to Christmas Island NP officially declared extinct

The news came eight years too late.

This week the IUCN announced that the Christmas Island pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus murrayi) had officially been declared extinct.

Caribbean NPs in line to be hit by another hurricane

With work continuing to get Virgin Islands National Park back on its feet after Hurricane Irma, another hurricane appeared to be bearing down on the Caribbean.

Maryland Dems introduced bill to remove privately funded Lee statue from Antietam NB

Three Maryland congressmen have filed a bill to have the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee removed from Antietam National Battlefield.

Rep. Anthony G. Brown (D-4th) introduced the bill this week to coincide with the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam.

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